Our Approach

Our Goal

We Love to see athletes succeed! LLT got into training to help each athlete reach their performance potential. And with the 25 years of competitive sports experience we’re able to not just teach, but demonstrate proper techniques that will maximize gains and reduce injury.  Resulting in movements less like a man in the field, and more like a Lion on the plain.

Psychology and a lifetime of sports has culminated into the desire to unlock an athletes untapped potential. After teaching, coaching and training for several years we saw a need for speed not just in players but in getting results. This led us to open Lion Legacy Training in The Greentree Sportsplex. We house equipment that allows for unconventional training and instant biofeedback creating the environment we need to excel.

Our Story

Meet the Team

Lion Legacy Training is dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Learn more about us below:


Sy Hall

Owner & Head Trainer

  • Cert. NETA Personal Trainer
  • Core Assessment and Strengthening
  • Semi-Pro Football All-Star
  • PA and WV Flag Football Champion
  • State Track and Field qualifier
  • Regional Wrestling Champion
  • Varsity Lacrosse Captain
  • Allegheny County Basketball Champion
  • Collegiate Intramural Coach and MVP of the Year
  • Undefeated Kumite (fighting) Champion

Adriane Hall

Vice President & THERAGUN® Tech

  • B.A. in Psychology from NSU
  • Training Finance
  • Fundamentals of Nutrition

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